Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Baby Beats are holding our first ever event focusing on something other than music in a couple of days... The Great Baby Beats Clothes Swap. There will of course still be music and dancing but we will be encouraging another great passion of ours...recycling.

I love the social aspect of Baby Beats classes. It's great to see new mums walking in not knowing anyone but before they leave they've got another mum's phone number, are arranging a meet up or adding a new friend on facebook. Let's be honest, this is one of the main reasons we go to baby groups - you may also go under the guise of encouraging your child's development and helping them socialise, but really its so you can also get some much needed adult conversation!!! As well as that you might also meet some absolute angel who's child is the clothes size above yours and they offer you a bag full of baby clothes and you can't believe this is really happening...gorgeous clothes for free! It's beautiful to watch and it gave me an idea. Our kids have way to many clothes and they only wear them for 5 minutes so let's help move them along a bit!

I was never really aware of the term "Fast Fashion" as I hold on to my clothes longer than most people probably should, I still have a cardigan that I think I bought when I was 12. I've never got sucked in by fashion, I buy very sensibly and value my clothes, probably because I was brought up shopping in charity shops (and still do). When I had my kids I accepted so many hand me downs that they actually had too many clothes to wear and I have got as much joy from passing them on to my friends as I did receiving them. Based on how many clothes my kids have (and have had) there probably isn't any need for any new parent to buy new baby clothes again but of course we all do, that's part of the fun! If we could prolong the life of kids clothes, reduce the amount that go to landfill, encourage parents who have never thought of putting their kids in second hand clothes before (I wouldn't actually consider anything else for my kids to wear to nursery!!!) we are actually making a really positive step towards helping the environment.

The emphasis here really is on making small steps. I consider myself to be pretty environmentally conscious but I know I still create waste and I don't do everything I possibly could, mainly down to time and convenience. There has been a significant increase in awareness and huge national progress like the recent banning of plastic straws, but with so much focus on social media and so many people speaking out so strongly about the massive positive changes they are making like going vegan or completely plastic-free, this can be really daunting for a new parent who is time-short and sleep-deprived.

As well as encouraging swapping baby clothes, this event is in conjunction with Plastic Free Nantwich who will have craft activities for children based on recycling, and information on how parents can make changes towards going plastic free. There will also be other businesses including Green Finch Naturals who will have plastic-free products, and organisations with ideas on how to reduce the waste in your home like Crewe Nappy Library.

Baby Beats will be providing entertainment for your little ones while you browse, and we will have a special recycling theme to our music! We have also been having a go at making some instruments with recycled objects to give you some inspiration at home. These things could actually save you spending money on buying more toys you don't need!

At Baby Beats we have already made a few steps to go plastic-free and are really pleased to be named a Plastic Free Champion by Plastic Free Nantwich. We always use re-usable cups and containers when we offer snack at our classes and we try to recycle all of the packaging that any of our materials and products come in. If you buy from Baby Beats shop our packaging is made from cardboard and our bags are paper, and we have just invested in some fabulous new biodegradable stickers to give out after class! Please do let us know if you think we could do anything else.

This is not an event trying to apply pressure to be a perfect parent. This is an event to bring together parents who are interested in making a change but aren't sure where to start, not sure if they can face swapping to re-usable nappies, wondering whether a shampoo bar will be as good as their usual product in a bottle, and if they have enough time to recycle as well as be a mum, wife, house-maid and milk machine.

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