How can Baby Beats benefit Early Years Learning?

Children are never too young to be exposed to music and many studies evidence how crucial it is in aiding development. So Baby Beats don't just run parent and child sessions, we go into nurseries, pre-schools, schools and other child care and education settings to provide fun and educational music workshops and classes. As well as introducing children to musical elements, our sessions complement a child’s development in their nursery setting by incorporating the 7 elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework:

Communication and Language – playing with words, rhythms and sounds in songs helps children to develop their language, distinguish sounds, gain confidence in speaking, and develop listening skills.

Physical Development – moving to music helps to develop co-ordination, self-awareness and spatial awareness. Learning how to produce sounds from instruments encourage fine motor-skills, and group activities such as parachute play develops gross motor-skills. Props to stimulate sensory development are also used.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – children learn turn taking, social interaction, team-work, develop listening and concentration abilities and many other social skills.

Literacy – Visual props encourage literacy skills, including recognizing musical notation and images, and children are encouraged to provide input and ideas during the songs

Mathematics – as music is mathematical, children are encouraged to count and clap to rhythms, learn pulse and tempo (even if just deciphering “fast’ or “slow”) and counting songs using puppets and props are often crucial in helping children learn to count.

Understanding the World – songs use familiar topics such as daily routines, transport, days out, animals etc so that children relate to them and can enjoy them. We also explore world music, instruments and rhythms.

Expressive Art and Design – children are encouraged to experiment with different sounds, instruments, dance moves and enjoy how the music makes them feel!

Classes consist of greeting songs to get to know one another, warm ups to get little bodies moving, well known nursery rhymes with props and puppets and my own original compositions providing sensory stimulation and encouraging musical development. I play live instruments in each class, which may be some children’s first exposure to live music, and they can even have a go on the instruments themselves!


As well as being fun and interactive, the songs we play help children establish a sense of pulse, tempo, pitch, contrast and co-ordination. My own songs and the familiar tunes we play come from a variety of genres to encourage children to appreciate a wide range of musical styles. You will find songs in a Baby Beats class that you will not hear anywhere else!

You can find more about our classes in schools and nurseries here.

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