Baby Beats at your school or nursery

Baby Beats offer one off or regular classes in your nursery, school or other childcare setting. Classes include a variety of fun, interactive and educational activities that incorporate all 7 elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Using rhythm and rhyme to develop language skills, props to stimulate sensory development and working on turn-taking and team-work to create ensembles, the classes are a great way to add fun and excitement whilst supporting children's education and complementing the learning in your setting. 


One off workshops could be used to highlight particular seasonal events as they can be tailored to a particular theme.

Regular classes on a weekly basis are a great way to encourage children's development through music, as they will learn through repetition of certain activities, work on musicality skills and learn discipline from the structure of the sessions.

I have experience of working with children with additional needs and disabilities. If children have any specific learning requirements I am more than happy to accommodate them, and these classes will be of exceptional therapeutic benefit to them.


"The class is very entertaining for children, with a new topic every week so it doesn't get boring. Laura is extremely friendly. It's great for children to learn and experience new criteria's and developing new ideas to spark their imagination."

Pollys Day Nursery, Tunstall


"Laura is amazing! My child has additional needs and she was so lovely with him. She let him play the guitar along with our singing and I feel he really came along and was a lot more vocal and involved by the end of the sessions. She let him be involved as much as he wanted to be and didn’t push him to participate. Definite 5* from me, we even sing the tidy up song at home now."

Parent attending Seashell Trust Stay and Play sessions


"We have had Laura from Baby Beats at our setting on a weekly basis. I couldn't recommend her highly enough, our children have loved the class and look forward to it each week. We will also consider using Baby Beats in the future for other events we may hold."

Roundabouts Day Nursery, Shavington