Make Music at Home with your child...
even if you're not musical!

Making music is a brilliant activity to keep children entertained at home and it will benefit their learning and development too! It provides both mental and physical stimulation for children of all ages.

But how can we make music at home for free, especially if you're not a musical parent? 

"Baby Beats has the best tidy up song that was the only thing that worked for my little girl growing up haha! We used to sing it all the time at home and still to this day it has a Mary Poppins effect!"

Michela, Mum of Emma and Luke

What's in your Free Guide?

  • 10 easy ideas for you to make music with your child at home

  • Easy songs and activities that you can fit into your daily routine or dedicated music time

  • Expand your musical repertoire - we can all get bored of singing the same children's so here's some great alternatives

  • Boost your confidence - singing in front of an audience is hard, even if it is your child. Having some simple ideas and taking the lead from your child can give you a real boost.

  • Recognise your child's musical achievements - they may just sound like noises at first but by following our ideas you will learn what your child likes and how to encourage them to make music for themselves.

"My children love your song ideas, we sing them at home and have taught one to our local playgroup! My son now has the confidence to do big Dinosaur "Raah's" at the end!"

Juliet, Mum of Isaac and Samuel

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