Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your classes?

Classes are held in venues across South Cheshire and North Staffordshire. You can view our class timetable with full venue details here. All venues are child-friendly, buggy-friendly and have free parking available. There is also always somewhere you can comfortably feed your baby. We also choose our venues carefully so you have the opportunity to socialise with other parents before or after class either with a cafe on site or refreshments provided. If you purchase a block of classes you may mix and match days and venues.

How much do you charge for classes?

A single pay as you go class for 1 child costs £5.50. We offer discounts for block booking and for siblings as we know that money can be tight on Maternity Leave and when you have more than 1 child. Siblings under 1 are free and then half price from the age of 1. Block bookings are made in 6 week blocks and booking for the whole block gives you one class free.

What is the loyalty card?

You have an 8 week period in which to use your 6 week block, and your loyalty card can help you keep track of this. It will be given to you on the first class of your block. If you attend 6 classes within 8 weeks you qualify for 10% off your next block, or this discount could be used on instruments, parties or events. It is up to YOU to ask for it to be stamped each week to qualify for your 10% discount. You will be given a discount code to use online or discount will be applied paying in class. The loyalty card also applies if you pay as you go and for every class you attend you will receive a stamp, giving you a 10% discount when you have received 6 stamps within 8 weeks. 

What happens if I miss a week?

By booking a 6 week block you are entitled to 2 roll over weeks as we know little ones are often ill and life gets in the way! This could allow for a 2 week holiday or 2 weeks sickness. You need to inform us before the class if you want to roll it over.  Please do try to attend an alternative class first if you can.  If you book a Pay as You Go class in advance and can't make it, it can be rolled over until the following week only, Please read our cancellation policy when you book a class.

Do you offer a free trial?

No. It's often hard to tell your child likes a class by just one session. New environments, new faces and new routines can often take some time to get used to. That's why we use the same greeting song, class structure and instruction songs in every class so they soon feel comfortable and learn the routines. You are welcome to pay for a single class before you commit to a block and at certain times of the year we have promotions for discounted 3 week trials so look out for these on our Facebook page.

What information do you need when I book on to a class or event?

You can view our privacy policy here which tells you about the information we ask for, why we need it and what we do with it. Do remember if we don't have your details you might  miss out on information about new classes, changes to class information and special offers.