Good Time Charlies Ltd, Crewe,

Tuesdays 10.30 am

Reserve your place for Baby Beats at Good Time Charlies Ltd. This class is held at Good Time Charlies Ltd play centre, and is included in the admission price. 

Entry prices are as follows:
1 adult & 1 child under 1 £4.00

1 adult & 2 children under 1 £6.00
1 adult & 1 child over 1 £7.50
1 adult &  1 child under 1 plus 1 child over 1 £9.50
1 adult & 2 children over 1 £13.00

No payment is taken through this registration form but it is essential that you complete it so that we can contact you in case the class is cancelled for any reason. On submitting the form you will be redirected to Good Time Charlies' website and booking page where you will need to book and pay for your entry.  You will need to select the 9am slot on the relevant Wednesday (even if you don't arrive until the class start time).

Food and drink are also available to purchase separately from Good Time Charlies, so why not stay and play with your friends before or after class?


Baby Beats Crewe

Tuesdays 10.30 am, Good Time Charlies

Advance booking reserves your place in class but you still need to pay for entry on arrival.