Children are never too young to be exposed to music and studies show how crucial it is in aiding development. Hearing, repeating and making rhythm and melody from birth teaches the brain how to communicate. Listening to the beat teaches their limbs how to move with control and purpose to aid co-ordination. And every sound a baby hears helps them to categorize the world around them. Therefore classes are suitable from birth until school age, with variations to tailor activities to the age of your child, and tips on how to do them at home. 


Baby Beats classes provide sensory stimulation and encourage musical development as well as being fun and interactive. The songs we play help children establish a sense of pulse, tempo, pitch, contrast and co-ordination. My own songs and the familiar tunes we play come from a variety of genres to encourage children to appreciate a wide range of musical styles. I play guitar and sing in each class, which may be some children’s first exposure to live music, and they can even have a go on the guitars themselves!

🎵Hello my name is Laura, Laura, Laura🎵

As a child I lived and breathed music and my dream was to be a pop star! I played a variety of instruments, studied music at school and university, played in pop, rock, soul and jazz bands, and presented music shows on local radio.

For many years I worked as a Manager at a local charity and provided music tuition in my spare time. The charity gave me the opportunity to lead Music Enabling sessions for children with additional needs and I decided to do further training and work experience as a music leader.


I set up Baby Beats in Spring 2016 when I was on maternity leave after having my second little boy. I was looking for a music class I could take a baby and a 3 year old to. I wanted them to experience a range of musical styles and instruments, and learn the skills to make music themselves, but I couldn’t find any existing classes that put all these elements together... so I decided to do it myself and created Baby Beats! 

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